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uses guided relaxation techniques that invoke feelings of intense relaxation, concentration and/or focus to achieve a heightened state of awareness. 

Includes working on fears, phobias, pains, aches, body issues, personality & behavior issues, habits & more.

is a therapeutic method that draws on elements of family system therapy, existential phenomenology and Isizulu beliefs and attitudes to family.


Includes working with family issues, ancestral issues, finances, karmic issues, oaths, vows & more.

Theory of Sigmund Freud, the mind is divided into conscious, subconscious & super conscious. Its orientation lead to emotional/mental/spiritual qualities.

Includes working with de-layering on the mind, understanding your different perspectives through different minds.

health relies upon safe, and effective medicines and healing approaches, with valid principles of lifestyle or preventive medicine from a variety of traditions.


Includes working with reiki, sound and crystal healing.

uses an approach to treatment that focuses on resolving significant past events believed to be interfering with a person's present mental and emotional wellness.  


Includes age regression, womb regression, past life regression, life between lives state and more.

way to address our needs that haven't been met & heal the wounds we've developed by not acknowledging a part of us, which creates a sub-personality.

Includes working on mother wounds, father wounds, sub personalities & shadow self issues.

involves getting in touch with the repressed parts of you shaped as entities. It is usually encountered in painful experiences and traumatic situations.

Includes working with entity release, spirit release, negative energies & releasing yourself from your resistance.

understands the subconscious messages sent through your mind without the barrier of the critical factor & interpreting it with a purpose taken.

Includes working with numerology, dowsing and tarot.

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